Head of Security (Braddock)

At the door..

"IDs please"


We’d like to take a moment to congratulate Braddock, our head of security, who–after three long faithful years at The Garage–has earned the title and responsibilities of Head of Security.  Braddock will be turning four this year, so it is fair to say that he has spent three quarters of his life working at The Garage.  Not only is Braddock a highly motivated and incredibly responsible employee, but he knows just how to diffuse any potential situation without ever resorting to violent methods.

If you’ve ever been to The Garage, then you have met Braddock.  Apart from being the world’s greatest Head of Security, Braddock is also a great welcomer.  He will spend at least part of his evenings making sure he visits and shmoozes with everyone that will talk to him (or scratch his butt).  He generally likes everyone.  On the odd occasion, when Braddock discovers someone he doesn’t like, our policy is simple: that person must go!

In case you were not able to discern from his photos, Braddock is a K9, and though he revels in his dogness, no one has ever been able to convince him that he is not also a human.  He is very much an equal member of our family and has earned the respect and admiration of all of us here at The Garage.


It was pretty apparent, even at an early age that Braddock was destined for greatness!  Shown here in these pictures it is easy to see the beginning attributes of a confident puppy.  Even then, he already possessed the swagger that would launch him into management and part ownership of our establishment.

Braddock would also like to take this opportunity to invite friends to visit.  Any K9s accompanied by a responsible parent may enter without paying a cover charge.  However, if you are not friendly, nor well socialized, you will be asked to leave.  Braddock will not tolerate anti-social, skiddish, or unfriendly K9s.

So come on by and say “hi,” and don’t forget to congratulate Braddock on his well-deserved title and responsibilities.


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