Featuring: Atlantic Connection

April 7th – Ashevillian Productions Presents:  Lucidity


Westbay Music Group | Soul:R | MTV | Driven AM

Nathan Hayes, aka Atlantic Connection, has been doing his thing since ’99.   His collaborations with Drum n Bass powerhouse Basic Operations, rocketlaunched his career causing him to become one of the highest-selling artists in America’s electronic music history.

Also featured on this bill:

Abducted Recordings | Dream Research :: Asheville, NC

CULTure | Nerve Agent Recordings :: Birmingham, AL

MIA.NC | Alien Technology | Ashevillian Entertainment :: Asheville, NC

FYI | Solow :: Charlotte, NC

$10 at the door, all ages welcome.

*lucidity- clearness of thought or style, free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression.


Chocolate Bunnies and Plastic Eggs?

Does anyone know where and why these strange traditions have come into practice?

According to trusted internet  sources, Alsace and the Upper Rhineland regions of Germany were the first recorded places–approximately four hundred years ago.  And while this factoid may be historically accurate with respect to recorded history, it does little to satisfy one’s curiosity with regard to why.

‘Why’ is a much more complex question.  And one which I have no intention of attempting to reconcile.

The Garage will be closed this Easter weekend.  Have a happy and safe Easter holiday.  Those of you traveling this weekend, please be careful.  See you next time.

Maybe this will help…

… or maybe not.


Farewell Joel “Stouty” Stout

Joel “Stouty” Stout         1976-2010

Joel Stout, founder of Comagun Music and creator of such Asheville events as: Summer Soulstice and Tron-A-Thon was a great collaborator and  friend.  We here at The Garage were fortunate enough to have worked and played with Joel and his incomparable knack for creating a music scene.

The enthusiasm that Joel had for the bands he worked with, and the events he created was downright infectious and I am a better person for having known him.  He put his heart and soul into the events that we were fortunate enough to have collaborated on with him, and as a result, he put a lot of smiles on a lot of people’s faces.

Thank you for your immense contribution to the Asheville music scene!


The Garage

Joel’s Obituary

Joel Adam “Stouty” Stout age 33, of Wilmington NC passed in his sleep on March 23, 2010. The cause of Joel’s death is not certain. Born July 21, 1976 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Joel is survived by his parents Alan and Sharon and siblings Jason, Kristen, Alison, Jami, Webster, and niece Molly. Joel was a music promoter, manager, clothing designer, and an entrepreneur. Joel was a kind and generous caretaker who provided spiritual and emotional support to many. Joel’s strength of spirit and passion for helping others enabled him to provide support to others as a member and mentor in Narcotics Anonymous since 2005. Joel earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at the University of North Carolina, Asheville where he excelled as a truly gifted writer. Joel loved music, arts, friends, family, the outdoors, and self guided spirituality. Joel will be remembered for his infectious smile and constant thirst for discovery and adventure. Joel approached each day with a sense of wonder and his dreams and passions knew no bounds. Joel’s love and passion survives his earthly body and is with all of us forever.

Back By Popular Demand: Asheville Social Media

Well I am posting another blog because you guys apparently read my last one (at least a few of you did) and by doing so you skyrocketed my stats page thereby leaving no place to go but down today since I hadn’t posted another blog.  So, I am posting a short blog to say “thanks” for checking out The Garage’s new blog.

It was really exciting to look at my stats and see the rise and fall of the graph chart.  You see yesterday, when I posted my “High-Lights in April” I had a record amount of readers!  Of course, the record to beat was two; however,  I surpassed that by more than seven times… now that is impressive!

SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING is not only interesting and informative, it is downright fun as we discovered last week when The Garage hosted the free: G Social Media School, with AskAsheville’s very own Gary!!  What a hoot!  I finally learned how to tweet effectively and learned some other extremely useful social media tips.

Special thanks to Justin Brackett (@justinthesouth); Jose Ibarra (@hOzae); and Trey Pennington (@treypennington) for “providing us some real good learning stuff!”  See them on Twitter!  Watch how these guys master the art of social media.

Also, stay tuned for G Social Media’s next free seminar on “Using Videos.”  This event will be held at the Grove Park Inn, 290 Macon Ave Asheville, NC on April 23rd from 5pm – 7:30pm.  For more information contact:


April High-lights

Hello Asheville!!  Hello everyone else throughout the known universe (other than Asheville).  Just wanted to drop a quick lock and pop and let everybody who’s interested know what April has to offer at The Garage at Biltmore.

On Wednesday, April 7th



Westbay Music Group | Soul:R | MTV | Driven AM

Abducted Recordings | Dream Research :: Asheville, NC

CULTure | Nerve Agent Recordings :: Birmingham, AL

MIA.NC | Alien Technology | Ashevillian Entertainment :: Asheville, NC

FYI | Solow :: Charlotte, NC

This will be good!  so be good family.


Also that week, on Thursday, April 8th


**tickets are available at Garage website (see sidebar)


On Thursday, April 15th


…are coming for some livetronica bliss!! (see Facebook events for details)


Also that week, on Friday, April 16th




And at the end of the month (sort of), on

Sunday, April 25th… (frickin’ drum roll please)


…returns to The Garage.  Drew Emmit of the legendary jamgrass band Leftover Salmon, and Bill Nershi from the String Cheese Incident are coming back to our city to tear it up!!  Put your dancing shoes on (or Birkenstocks–as the case may be), this will be very high energy!!

**tickets are available at Garage website (see sidebar)

There are many other shows going on this month, including a very special 420 celebration on April 20th, with a very special guest line-up too soon and too sick to announce… just yet!  Stay tuned.

Asheville Music Scene

Welcome one and all, although its probably closer to one than all since nobody out there is reading my blog.  This is the first time that I am writing a blog and it is more or less for the purpose of discussing things to do with The Garage at Biltmore in Asheville North Carolina.
We are a music venue with all kinds of interesting music events that happen here.  From the traditional local, regional, and national bands of all genres; to super psychedelic full moon gatherings and trance parties; to all ages events that mind our p’s and q’s for the sake of the youngsters having a place to celebrate music.

If you live in Asheville, or if you’re visiting, see our website for shows and times.

So there, we are formally introduced: me to you and you to me.  I have to say it is rather strange writing to an imagined audience that I know only consists of me, but perhaps that will change.

Look forward to seeing you and I will be writing again real soon to post more informative stuff.