Back By Popular Demand: Asheville Social Media

Well I am posting another blog because you guys apparently read my last one (at least a few of you did) and by doing so you skyrocketed my stats page thereby leaving no place to go but down today since I hadn’t posted another blog.  So, I am posting a short blog to say “thanks” for checking out The Garage’s new blog.

It was really exciting to look at my stats and see the rise and fall of the graph chart.  You see yesterday, when I posted my “High-Lights in April” I had a record amount of readers!  Of course, the record to beat was two; however,  I surpassed that by more than seven times… now that is impressive!

SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING is not only interesting and informative, it is downright fun as we discovered last week when The Garage hosted the free: G Social Media School, with AskAsheville’s very own Gary!!  What a hoot!  I finally learned how to tweet effectively and learned some other extremely useful social media tips.

Special thanks to Justin Brackett (@justinthesouth); Jose Ibarra (@hOzae); and Trey Pennington (@treypennington) for “providing us some real good learning stuff!”  See them on Twitter!  Watch how these guys master the art of social media.

Also, stay tuned for G Social Media’s next free seminar on “Using Videos.”  This event will be held at the Grove Park Inn, 290 Macon Ave Asheville, NC on April 23rd from 5pm – 7:30pm.  For more information contact: